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Reflections on fear, overcoming fear, and why I can’t seem to overcome it.

Hello All. I have forgotten to blog about last week’s swimming lesson. It went very well, and I eventually, though panicking, managed to swim on my back, and also learn the arm movements for swimming on my front. This week … Continue reading

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Am I becoming more self aware?

Tomorrow, I restart my swimming lessons, which I am half looking forward too. I say “half” because I know, I will be finishing off the work I started the week before, which was when my anxiety levels peeked… I think … Continue reading

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I’m sorry Hopkins, but there are people worse off than you.

Having read Hopkins’ article on fearing that she will “die” during brain surgery, which, by the way, is done almost every week. This particular surgery, to say the least, is probably becoming a norm to most neurosurgeons. It means that … Continue reading

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