veering all over the pavement, she walks on;

You’re out, and a person is walking across the road, but something is wrong; She is using a cane, but that’s not the abnormality you spot, and the thing that will cause your heart to leap into your throat. It’s the sudden veer to the right she makes, away from the tactile paving, and into the road, into the path of oncoming traffic. A lady runs out after her, yelling for her to stop, and just in time, manages to stop her. “What did you do. What did you miss.” the lady asks her. Sternly and with great urgency. To this, the young person, who we now know has no sight at all, reacts, knowing her potentially fatal error, that could have cost her her life. Could have changed her life in a second. But it didn’t, because someone was there, but this may not be,  all the time.


Fast-forward to a few years after that fatal error, and her cane travel, is, (well, not much better) Overhearing people talking today, stating (Well, you will have to follow her to see what she does) and (she just keeps veering worse now) or something along those lines, her thoughts become more anxious.


That person, who I speak of, in the above paragraphs, is and was, me. I made that fatal error all those years ago, and now I struggle with the veering problem, so much so, that I’m pushing those trying to follow me against walls, or potentially over them. I’m not walking in a straight line, at all. The annoying, and painfully sad thing is, if you asked the younger me, to walk in a straight line, (by younger, I mean about 5 or 6) I would do so, from one end of the room to another, perfectly. Now however, I cannot. What is going on? Is it so, that now I will have to be watched when walking for my own safety? Is it so, that people will constantly have their hearts in their throats, racing, every time I attempt a road crossing, for fear of me missing the tactile paving? Is it also, however, that because my left cerebral hemisphere is more dominant, that I veer to the right? Is something to do with my epilepsy causing it? Or, do other people with no sight have the same or similar issues? How do you walk straight? How do you keep your cane hand near your hip, which is where it’s supposed to be? What do you do to make sure you know if you’re walking straight?


Another issue to add to the matter, is that my shoulders are abnormal due to an unexplained mystery at the moment. One of them is higher than the other, and is twisting my body round to that side, so that I’m leaning over slightly almost like the leaning tower of Pisa. I’m due to go for physiotherapy on it soon, in order to try and A: counteract said issue, known as a winged scapular, and B: to try and find out what caused it in the first place. We have a hypothesis, but cannot prove it. We think, it was due to when I fell after my second tonic clonic seizure and hit the floor, which was hard.


Anyway, I hope I get some answers from people without sight on this post, and/or mobility officers. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and I hope you enjoy my articles. Though this is indeed, slightly off my usual topic, and probably one of slight anxiety.


About samantha ash

I'm 24 years old, totally blind, and suffer from Epilepsy, which is controlled. My interests include Neurology, Psychology, anything to do with the weather, and other documentaries. I am also a classical singer, though not professional. I am studying towards a degree in Neuropsychology at University of Central Lancashire. I wish eventually, to pursue a career in neurorehabilitation, or in neuropsychology, in order to help those who have sustained traumatic brain injuries, Acquired Brain injuries, stroke, and other neurological conditions. I wish to help them to cope psychologically too, and help them to see the positive side to the life that they have now. As someone with a disability myself, I wish to tell those, "Do not say that you cannot do something. I do not wish to hear that. I wish to hear that you can, and you will succeed." If you enjoy what I post on here, feel free to comment, or contact me on or feel free to like my facebook page. Enjoy reading. :)
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