Danger was all around me.

A Friday afternoon, and I head to the town centre, to Starbucks to meet up with someone for a meeting via the local bus route. So far, so good. The bus came on time, I got on, and alighted at my desired stop, the bus interchange. I rang the person I was due to meet, and asked her where she was, as she was not there when I arrived. She told me, she was at the traffic lights, to which I replied, “I know the route, I’ll practise it and meet you there” and without further delay, and excitement, I began to walk, the wrong way! I did not know this however. I carried on walking, and suddenly I began to realise, the bollards I should have found were not there, the crossing I was supposed to hear, were not there. There was a wall, and a road. All that separated me between almost being killed, or injury, was a curb. The cars were getting closer, lorries and other heavy goods vehicles closer and closer by the second, as well as cars,,, passing very close to my right side. I found  a wooden fence, on the left of me, and backed into it, knowing now, I was most definitely in the wrong area. Heart beginning to race, and feeling slightly scared, I began to think. “I have to back into this wall and turn back round. If I find the bus shelters again, I should be on the right track.” Slowly, I began to make the dangerous move, with cars still passing all the while. I was backed into a corner slightly, and had to turn round. After doing so, I trailed the wall, then when it was finally safer to do so, ventured out to the curb, and followed it, then returned to the wall again. Presently, a voice spoke to me, “Are you okay?” A man’s voice. “Um, What direction is the library from here?” I asked, nervously and flustered. He informed me the library had moved from its old place, which I knew already. In the end, he followed me to where I wanted to go, in order to meet the person I was due to meet. This was quite a scary and potentially dangerous situation, had I not been more careful and concentrated. Always remember your routes and go over them if need be.


About samantha ash

I'm 24 years old, totally blind, and suffer from Epilepsy, which is controlled. My interests include Neurology, Psychology, anything to do with the weather, and other documentaries. I am also a classical singer, though not professional. I am studying towards a degree in Neuropsychology at University of Central Lancashire. I wish eventually, to pursue a career in neurorehabilitation, or in neuropsychology, in order to help those who have sustained traumatic brain injuries, Acquired Brain injuries, stroke, and other neurological conditions. I wish to help them to cope psychologically too, and help them to see the positive side to the life that they have now. As someone with a disability myself, I wish to tell those, "Do not say that you cannot do something. I do not wish to hear that. I wish to hear that you can, and you will succeed." If you enjoy what I post on here, feel free to comment, or contact me on samanthaash1993@gmail.com or feel free to like my facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/alifewithoutsight Enjoy reading. :)
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One Response to Danger was all around me.

  1. Duncan Ross says:

    That walk must have just about scared the living daylights out of you. It most certainly would have for me if I was visually impaired or totally blind.

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