Speech and language?

Today, I went out with my counsellor for a coffee. We were discussing some recent events, that had happened. My voluntary work placement, was going extremely well, until the insurance company, refused to allow me to continue with my placement, due to the fact I have no vision. Upset, and hurt, I’d had enough, and decided to write to the press. As some of you may or may not know, the Isle of Man, is currently undergoing changes, as we do not have the equality act in place. I decided, therefore, to write to the press, explaining how I had felt about the situation, and also, how I was fighting for the rights of others with disabilities, who are struggling to get into employment, or voluntary work. That then lead onto the subject of my degree. My counsellor, eventually, discovered my true passion, did not lie in neuro-rehabilitation, in terms of physio, or psychological, though, I would like to use my psychological skills to help people with brain injury, or other neurological problems, but it was speech and language therapy, that I would like to go in too. My counsellor, explained that she could tell the passion in my voice, when I explained what I wanted to do. Now, I am going to switch my degree to an open degree next year, then after I graduate, pursue my degree in speech and language therapy. So, there you go. The latest post. I hope you enjoy it.


About samantha ash

I'm 24 years old, totally blind, and suffer from Epilepsy, which is controlled. My interests include Neurology, Psychology, anything to do with the weather, and other documentaries. I am also a classical singer, though not professional. I am studying towards a degree in Neuropsychology at University of Central Lancashire. I wish eventually, to pursue a career in neurorehabilitation, or in neuropsychology, in order to help those who have sustained traumatic brain injuries, Acquired Brain injuries, stroke, and other neurological conditions. I wish to help them to cope psychologically too, and help them to see the positive side to the life that they have now. As someone with a disability myself, I wish to tell those, "Do not say that you cannot do something. I do not wish to hear that. I wish to hear that you can, and you will succeed." If you enjoy what I post on here, feel free to comment, or contact me on samanthaash1993@gmail.com or feel free to like my facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/alifewithoutsight Enjoy reading. :)
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