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I'm 24 years old, totally blind, and suffer from Epilepsy, which is controlled. My interests include Neurology, Psychology, anything to do with the weather, and other documentaries. I am also a classical singer, though not professional. I am studying towards a degree in Psychology with counselling with the Open University. I wish eventually, to pursue a career in neurorehabilitation, or in neuropsychology, in order to help those who have sustained traumatic brain injuries, Acquired Brain injuries, stroke, and other neurological conditions. I wish to help them to cope psychologically too, and help them to see the positive side to the life that they have now. As someone with a disability myself, I wish to tell those, "Do not say that you cannot do something. I do not wish to hear that. I wish to hear that you can, and you will succeed." If you enjoy what I post on here, feel free to comment, or contact me on or feel free to like my facebook page. Enjoy reading. :)

Testing times

A monday morning, and the sun is shining brightly over the rooftops of Douglas. A person wakes from her slumber, and comes downstairs, makes breakfast, and has her antiepilepsy meds. Yes, another day begins, but one that is to herald … Continue reading

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The leap of faith

2008, and a lady was about to meet two people, one without vision, and the other, a very protective person, who would, undoubtedly worry for her granddaughter. What this lady did not know, as she was travelling in her car, … Continue reading

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What does the future hold.

A journey back to 2004. It’s her first day in highschool, and a small 11 year-old student, is walking up the corridor that she’s spent the best part of all summer learning. She was on a schedule. It was morning, … Continue reading

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Progress update

It’s been a few days, and you’ll probably be wanting an update. I have been researching degrees, and universities, and the best one, is either MMU, or Shefield. MMU is looking more likely though. There is just one small, but … Continue reading

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The true blind experience

Here we are, on yet another topic I feel must be addressed. You all go to an awareness raising session, devoted to blindness, and the different eye conditions there are. What organisations like the RNIB fail to mention, is that … Continue reading

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A follow-up

Regarding my last post on my career change, to speech and language, I too had slight problems of my own when I was younger. The first, I could not say words with the letter L. I would always compensate them … Continue reading

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Speech and language?

Today, I went out with my counsellor for a coffee. We were discussing some recent events, that had happened. My voluntary work placement, was going extremely well, until the insurance company, refused to allow me to continue with my placement, … Continue reading

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